NY Post Admits GENDER $PAY GAP A Myth

The gender #paygap myth has certainly been tenacious.  Years ago someone threw out the figure that women earn 77% as much as men, and have since successfully been able to portray this as women not getting equal pay for equal work, despite the fact that the 77% is not at all corrected for equal work (when so corrected, for things like actual hours worked and differences between industries, the gap typically narrows to 5% or less).

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Discover Magazine B*LL$H!T FAKE SCIENCE Disappearing Bees

In the March 2017 issue, Discover Magazine ran a fake story about America’s supposed declining bee population. One would have thought this tired story would have gone away after bee populations hit a 20-year high and honey production a 10-year high in 2015. But the drive for government cheddar premised on fake crises knows no end. Continue reading