More on my recent observation that climate change alarmists and federal debt alarmists have much in common…

Here, Coyote blog draws attention to the extent to which climate change alarmist Kevin Drum is also a federal debt ‘denialist’.

In response to this statement by Drum:

Rising U.S. debt hasn’t caused inflation. It hasn’t sent interest rates skyrocketing. It hasn’t reduced Chinese demand for American bonds. It hasn’t reduced demand for long-dated bonds. Really, it hasn’t done any of the things that conservatives have been predicting with apocalyptic fervor for the past four years.

Coyoteblog says:

I am left agog at the incredible blindness of this position, and find it intriguing how it contrasts with Drum’s position on rising atmospheric CO2 levels.  In the latter case, he constantly argues that lack of warming today is not an excuse for inaction, that CO2 is dangerous and its production must be greatly curtailed.  He takes this position despite any real historic evidence of harm from CO2 levels — ie future harm is hypothetical and without precedent.  But still he wants action now.

Can I generalize here that climate change alarmists are more likely than average to also be federal debt skeptics, and vise versa?